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Sunshine Coast has many apartment buildings up the beaches from Mooloolaba, Maroochydore and up around Noosa headland, although a lot of holiday accommodation businesses, however many residential customers reside within unit and apartments and when it’s time to get your internet connected or even your POTS phone line, you’ll need the assistance of a Mr Telco representative to attend and complete the A to B side MDF Jumpering.

The paramount stipulation is that you cannot get MDF jumpering done without your carrier having tagged the connection point on its side of the MDF, or at least provided you with some termination pair details of your service. With an available tag, the link is made to your side of the MDF by our skilled technicians. Without a tag, the job might lead to interference with another customer’s line and would lead to possible angry neighbours or businesses, if they had their jumper removed

Mr Telco’s team of experienced and trained staff are entirely aware of each part of the MDF jumpering termination that we undertake at your Sunshine Coast location.

The processes that Mr Telco goes through during and after MDF jumpering are

procedureTag on the MDF by your carrier is accurately tracked down

procedureAll end points within your unit are jumpered through if requested

procedureLog books filled out onsite

Mr Telco undertakes MDF jumpering up to an upper limit of three MDF mountings at your Sunshine Coast site. An extra charge will be required for jumpering that ranges across more than three mountings, which is seldom in structures around the Sunshine Coast. Our team begins the job at your building within or under 24 hours of a booking, with confirmation of the same being made at the time of booking. Get in touch with us to get your ADSL2+ and phone connected.

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