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MDF jumpering requires a high degree of know-how to make all connections from the Main distribution frame at the periphery of your building into your residential apartment, townhouse or business commercial property. The presence of a number of IDF’s at different locations of your Melbourne apartment or business creates added complexity and time on the job, don’t worry however, we’re more than capable and will get your MDF cross connect done with precision and quality jumper cable for best performance.

Once your service provider has activated the line on it’s side, generally they’ll notify YOU as their customer that the service has been delivered. Mr Telco takes care of the rest, ensuring connectivity and continuity from your desired phone point through to your tagged MDF pair delivered by your service provider. Our #1 Melbourne telephone technicians have years of experience and high-end expertise on the job.

Mr Telco bridges your phone socket and the carrier connection with all parts of the process done meticulously;

tickIdentify your MDF point with the service ID provided by your Service Provider

tickCreate cross connect from MDF to wherever you want terminating points in your Melbourne premises

tickMake appropriate updates to the MDF logbook in line with ACMA protocols

tickCheck all outlets for accurate availability and connectivity

If your provider has not carried out the connection from the exchange DSLAM to the MDF, our technicians can leave a TAG on the customer’s side of the MDF that marks our arrival and testing from your wall socket to the MDF, this is so in the case your ISP has to return, they’ll have a nice friendly TAG and message left from Mr Telco asking the ISP technician to connect it straight through to your unit. Mr Telco is your efficient partner in getting your phone line and data lines sorted. Mr Telco are experts in telecommunications and a company you can trust.

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