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We're Sydney's MDF jumpering expert telephone technicians, which jumpering is required to be carried out when you have obtained a new phone, NBN internet connection to your unit within a multi-dwelling apartment block or to your commercial business building Sydney.

If the previous resident had a connection, the slot (pair) on the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) that connects to your unit might be retained or could be a different one. Distribution of the connection into different points within your Sydney apartment or floor space would also need to be fulfilled. All of these tasks are accomplished with top-notch professional competence by our MDF Jumpering Sydney service team.

Mr Telco’s crew has capabilities spread across the technological spectrum and all of your cabling and internet needs are implemented with professionalism.

Some telephone techncians advertise "Cheap MDF Jumpering Sydney" all around the internet and even from $50. Seems too good to be true? Maybe, it is. ACMA disclosed on their website that fines of up to $20,400 can be issued for unregistered cablers and could void the providers public liability insurance.

Let's give you an example. Imagine, you hire the unlicenced, not ACMA approved technician and he accidently disconnects an mdf jumper from the MDF thus disconnecting the adjoining neighbour or business perhaps. They're left without service for days on end, and finally after investigation, they find that you've engaged in a contractor to perform work at your premises. Sometimes, depending on the severity of the customer's outage or downtime, the customer may seek legal action or reprimand.

Of course, if the telephone or internet technician is unlicensed there now becomes complications and you may have to rehire another technician to rejumper and perform a revisit to resolve any issues, which ultimately results in extra costs and troubles on your behalf.

Our MDF Jumpering technicians are fully licensed, hold $20,000,000 public liability insurance and providing customer guarantee with our services.

Our team incorporates the following practices with all aspects of MDF jumpering;

procedureLocate your TAG at the MDF with your service identification number

procedureBring the NBN/ADSL line into your preferred point at your Sydney property

procedureLog entries in MDF books as per regulatory standards

procedurePerform quality checks across your lines for standard transmission speeds

Do you need to inform your Building Manager that Mr Telco's going to visit? Sure, we request you to keep your building manager informed of our visit just in case there should be any problem with accessing the MDF. Give us a call today to get our friendly technician to arrive at your premises within 24 hours.

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