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mdf jumpering

MDF jumpering is the next phase of activating your ADSL2, VDSL2 or phone connections after your Gold Coast carrier has labeled(tagged) the “A” side of your frame with your ID number. The rest of the connection job will be handled by our technicians including bringing the service into your apartment phone point.

All aspects of the job of MDF jumpering would need to be placed within the onsite record book so that there is complete clarity with respect of the connections and discontinued connections that have been made on the MDF. Mr Telco’s team is equipped to work on both sides of the MDF, the carrier “A” side and the customer “B” side.

Our technicians fulfill all parts of the MDF jumpering routine with practiced efficiency:-

processMake sure that your connection is correctly identified with your Service ID tag. If tag is missing, we will leave a note for your carrier

processEffect all jumpering and cabling from MDF up to each device termination outlet

processCarry out all inputs to MDF process entry record according to ACMA stipulations

processEvaluate dial tone or internet ADSL synch on completion

Mr Telco team of professionally trained and certified telecom professionals will get your MDF jumpering job done in line with the prescribed ACMA protocols. We enable our Gold Coast customers to begin using their internet/phone service without any hassles straight after we’ve finished onsite. Book online or call our 24 hour hotline on 1300 788 987.

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