Computer Repair Technician VS Internet Technician – Who do I need?

Posted at 16/07/2016 01:08pm

Having computer troubles and internet troubles can kind of seem grey area and knowing which type of technician assistance to call upon to rectify your problem in the first instance, will only benefit you and your pocket.

Deciding whether you’ll require the services from your local computer repair company or a licensed internet technician to resolve your home or business computing issues shouldn’t be such a hard one to work out. Each technician has their own specific skillset and in their own right, they’ve probably spent years studying and working hard towards mastery of each respective skill.

Generally, you’ll want to first nut out exactly what your issue is and hopefully this summary should put into perspective which technician you’re best to call and get more value from, because we all know, the last thing you want to do is call your computer repair technician out to repair something you should have probably initiated through your local internet repair technician.

When to call my local computer repair services technican?

1. Computer super slow to restart

2. Slow computer after a windows update

3. Screen is black after you switch your computer on

4. You have error messages displaying when you first boot up your PC or laptop

5. After installing Norton or Kaspersky Antivirus your computer is running slow

6. Computer not turning on or booting at all (please check the power point first J)

7. Computer not connecting to printer or peripherals

8. Computer not connecting to your home network

9. Your USB devices are not being recognized on your PC

10. Your computer displays a blue screen or otherwise known as the (blue screen of death)

11. Sound has stopped playing through your speakers

12. Antivirus has detected a virus and you have no idea on how to remove it

13. Dual computer monitors are not connecting up for some reason

14. Computer is freezing or heating up for no reason

15. Laptop plugged in but not charging

16. Computer making beep noises on boot up

17. Ram problems for not enough memory

18. Computer boots to BIOS screen

19. Computer continually reboots over and over

20. Always booting up in safe mode

21. Keyboard and mouse not working

22. Your windows menu is stuck

23. Cant connect computer or tablet to TV screen

24. Computer not playing videos in browser

25 Lastly but not least, your computer has smoke pouring out of the power supply :)

26. Computer is booting up slow from the time your first turn it on

27. You can hear your hard disk churning and making noises (if you haven’t got a solid state drive)


When to call my phone and internet technician?

1. Computer not connecting to wifi

2. Wifi connection problems

3. Poor wifi signal

4. Internet modem lights flashing

5. Wifi extenders not working

6. Slow internet download speed

7. Network connection icon is yellow on your taskbar (yellow exclamation mark)

8. Computer games are lagging over the internet

9. Youtube or Netflix is constantly buffering (requiring you to pause and press play again)

10. Internet is slower than usual (compared to other days)

11. All your computers and devices seem to be running slow

12. Wifi signal dropping out within your home or business (you might need access points


13. X-box 360 slow or lots of lag

14. ADSL / VDSL2 / NBN Modem lights keep dropping out intermittently

15. Slow download and upload results after running a

16. Computer ping keeps dropping when pinging websites (eg.

17. Your internet provider has advised you might have some internal cabling problems that will need a telephone or internet technician to resolve.

18. You’ve just got NBN connected and your internet is still struggling at tortoise speeds

19. After hardwiring or plugging in your Ethernet cable your internet speeds are still horrible

20. Problems with wifi SSID and password not going in correctly

21. You need any internet cabling or wifi access point installed


We hope the comprehensive list detailing the above various scenarios will help you isolate your requirement for either technician type in the hopes that you’ll be able to pinpoint your problem and do so in the most cost effective manner. Seriously, the last thing you want to do is call your local computer repairs technician to fix a problem which perhaps might have better off in the hands of a telephone or internet technician and visa-versa.

Should you require anything further or have any questions whatsoever regarding your home or business internet connection, do not hesitate to call our friendly technicians who will surely be able to assist or even point you in the right direction, we are here only to serve you the best way possible.