Dial tone but no internet?

Posted at 03/12/2016 11:17am

Guess what, I’m a network engineer and worked amongst all the Aussie telco technologies for years. I know exactly why you have dial tone and no internet connection.

First things first! I'll need you to pop your technician cap on and work with me.

modem dsl light no internet

IMAGE: Modem Lights OK - DSL Light Active

Check your DSL light on your modem, is it ON or OFF? Chances are, if your modem DSL light is OFF - the problem is generally one of two things.

step 1Your modem is faulty and need a replacement

step 2Your DSL line quality is terrible and your modem refuses to sync up

If you’re in this predicament of having no light on your modem, but having dial-tone, there's a 50% chance, no matter either way you turn, you’re going to waste your dough on purchasing a new modem, or calling an internet technician to check your homes internal cabling network.

After driving through all that traffic to your local computer store and purchasing a new ADSL2+ modem, bringing it home, unwrapping it, then plugging it in to find there is no dsl signal still - Guess what? You’ve completely wasted your time and money. Fingers crossed and hopefully where ever you purchased the modem from, you can still return it for a full refund, even if it's unwrapped and semi-used.

If you’ve chosen the path to purchase a new ADSL2+ modem first, whatever you do, DO NOT buy a new dsl modem from Harvey Norman. Once that box is open, you’ll have diddly-squat chances returning the modem unless it’s faulty (which you and me know, it’s probably not). They will opt to send the modem off to the supplier for testing, leaving you out of pocket and no modem for weeks.

Best place for refunds is, drum roll please……………………. Officeworks! Yes, you can count on Officeworks for a full refund providing you have your receipt. They are a great business to deal with and not displaying the shark mentality tactics like Harvey Norman, who had previous beef regarding Australian Consumer Law with the ACCC in misleading customers in the past.

Listen, it’s a 50% chance whether you choose to purchase a new ADSL2+ modem or call up your local technician. But weighing the facts straight, and I don’t want to seem bias as Mr Telco is an internet repair company. Here are some reasons why you might want to choose the internet technician visit on the first instance.

step 1Check faulty wiring which can potentially affect speed/dropouts

step 2Identify your true speed and signal readings from your NBP

step 3Advise whether there are any potential issues on the ISP network

step 4Advise whether your modem is faulty or not

step 5Re-terminate connections (which should be done every few years)


Choosing a Mr Telco internet technician, you will get the following bonuses too.

Internet Speed Test Report PDF

service fault reportOn-site Service Fault Report PDF

These can be used and issued to your Service Provide in the case of ongoing outages or battles you maybe facing.

Possible causes for Dial tone and no internet connection:

step 1Old phone cabling within your premises

step 2Faulty modem

step 3Poor terminations from unqualified technicians

step 4Lightning / Water induction

step 5Poor connections in Telstra pit joints

step 6Faulty DSLAM port in the Exchange/Node.

Now spending less than a couple of hundred dollars on a new modem which you maybe stuck with if it doesn’t work, or working with a leading ACMA certified internet technician to resolve your issues of having no internet - The decision is completely yours.

I hope this article has been informational, and if you are wanting expert phone & internet advice, feel free to pick up the phone and talk directly to our technicians. We’d be happy to help.