Mobile Broadband - Faster than ADSL or NBN?

Posted at 12/11/2016 02:37pm

Just yesterday, I was talking with a buddy of mine, stepping back in time to when the first internet capable mobile phones came out. They were called 'feature phones' and don’t have anywhere near the capability, power and functionality of today’s smartphones.

Mobile broadband is now becoming the challenger technology to ADSL & NBN type connections. And over time, it will surely start adopting more marketshare.

5G Mobile Broadband

When did 3G mobile internet first come out?
NTT DoCoMo launched the first commercial 3G network on 1 October 2001.

Fast forwarding as we enter 2017, we are certainly able to achieve fast 4G mobile broadband speeds of up to, and sometimes over 100Mbps, should you be within good signal range of your ISP’s mobile tower.

Merging from 2017 into 2018, we should see Telstra and other ISPs move into 5G networks. Once 5G mobile broadband is released, we’ll have the ability to perform data transfer and download, up to 1Gbps, no sweat.

Currently, many Internet Service Providers are finding it difficult to keep up with customer demands, and constantly having to upgrade infrastructure and systems to keep up. This of course costs money.

To answer your question, Mobile Broadband does now, and will have in the future, a higher throughput available than any ADSL, ADSL2 or NBN connection types. As you can see from the below image, we've actually completed a download speed from a mobile broadband connection and the results were exceptional.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Mobile Broadband Speed Test being Faster than NBN. This speed test was taken 300 meters distance from the mobile tower.

mobile broadband speed test vs nbn

Many people feel failed by our Government NBN roll out, thus looking for alternatives. Mobile broadband, might just be the right solution, however a tad expensive if you’re addicted to streaming live TV shows and online gaming.

I believe, over the next 10 years, more and more home users, will resort to mobile technology for even in-home usage. As Australian users, we’ll just need to wait for price adjustments and data caps to lift to be able to supply the heavy data usage requirements.

Many users will transfer from traditional hardwired ADSL & NBN to wireless technology as there is less barrier to entry and installation issues.