Phone Line Repair Adelaide

phone line repair

step 1 Identify phone socket problems

step 2 Identify phone wiring => network boundary (outside your home)

step 3 Identify working phone service at Telstra or NBN network boundary point

step 4 Internal phone cable checks inc. alarm + other devices which may cause interference

step 5 Repair faulty cabling and restore your phone services

Your landline phone can develop a range of problems, the most immediate one being that of going silent without any dial tone and secondly you might come across crackling and interference across your lines, with while you having ADSL will surely affect speed and connection performance.

Mr Telco’s Adelaide phone line repair service resolves every trouble that your phone lines are prone to encounter with an impressive source of resourceful testing equipment at our command. We incorporate thorough technical expertise with vast practical experience.

Technical expertise of a high order is needed to diagnose problems of phone line noise as it is caused by other waves and interferences in the vicinity, either those of an electrical nature or mechanical interference, but you can leave those issues for our expert technicians.

Other problems can arise from wear and tear of the telephone sockets (from plugging and unplugging cables) and connections not being fastened securely.

Our phone line repairs service addresses all the common problems that Adelaide residents are facing with the highest focus on detail and with extraordinary diligence. Should the onsite technican deem your cabling un-repairable they may offer you to provide new phone cabling installation.

Mr Telco works with Adelaide customers who live in any of these dwelling types.

Dwelling Types One story homes

Dwelling Types Two story homes

Dwelling Types Apartment blocks (MDU)

Dwelling Types Business Buildings

Professionalism of an accomplished level is crucial in keeping communications channels alive and bustling with the transmission of voice and bursty ADSL internet. Telephone sockets and phone cabling have to be fixed with total adherence to the standard operating procedures so that they are least likely to give up on you at the most inconvenient time. Mr Telco is your always reliable partner for troubleshooting and fixing your phone line problems in Adelaide.

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