Phone Line Repair Brisbane

brisbane phone line repair procedures

step 1 Identify faults from behind phone sockets

step 2 Inspect wiring throughout home => network boundary (outside your home)

step 3 Identify working services at Telstra or NBN network boundary

step 4 Internal cabling check inc. alarm + other connected devices

step 5 Restore services and rectify faulty wiring


A problem with your phone line in Brisbane can cause your communication and ADSL internet connection to go belly up and basically stop working. When you require a reliable phone line repair company that is worth its salt at hand call upon a Mr Telco technician to help. Mr Telco recruits accredited cabling technicians and molds them into highly competent professionals who go about the job of identifying and repairing your home phone line in a proficient manner.

Loose wires on phone sockets are annoying as they lead to crackling and poor quality phone calls or do dial tone or ADSL connection at all. The cause of the trouble could extend from the sockets, jacks and cabling from inside your homes roof the outside Telstra pit on the street.

Troubleshooting and fixing of any issues calls for expert knowhow and in-depth experience. At Mr Telco, we are constantly recharging the knowledge base of our team. Each of the parts and products that require fixing are replaced and your phone lines will be up and running in no time at all.

If you live in Brisbane within any of the below residential types we can help you.

Home Phone Line Repair One & two story places

Home Phone Line Repair Apartment blocks (MDU)

Home Phone Line Repair High-rise apartments (MDU)

Home Phone Line Repair Commercial Buildings

The keystone of Mr Telco is the unwavering focus that we commit towards each of our Brisbane customers. When you need us, we ensure that we reach you on time and repair your line quick and proper.  It is a job that calls for neat and precise resolution. Mr Telco service personnel have an out of the ordinary zeal for perfection and are committed to satisfying customers across Brisbane each day. 


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