Phone Line Repair Perth

phone line repairs

step 1 Identify troubles in/behind wall sockets

step 2 Check telephone wiring from sockets => network boundary (outside your premises)

step 3 I.D working services at Telstra or NBN network boundary

step 4 Entire premises cable checks inc. alarm + other devices.

step 5 Repair and restore your faulty cabling home/business network.

With the new ADSL 2+ technologies running along your phone lines in Perth, the need to have high quality licensed technicians servicing them as the top prerogative. Mr Telco brings world class telecom expertise to phone line repairs with a peerless combination of advanced training and deep insight. We have accumulated an invaluable cache of knowledge prowess that is put to practice at each of the jobs that you contract us with, across the range of phone line problems.

Cabling has been evolving rapidly and has a wide range of designs and capacities, each of which is specified to work with its own compatible family of telephone sockets. Troubleshooting each of these elementary parts of your telephone line within your Perth home has to be carried out in adherence with the prescribed documentations of the cabling and socket specifications outlined in the ACMA (government body). Mr Telco has unparalleled skills in resolving phone line issues across universal standards and protocols.

Give us a call if you live or work in any of these homes of occupancy in Perth.

dwellings One story homes

dwellingsTwo story homes

dwellings Apartment blocks (MDU)

dwellings High-rise apartments (MDU)

Mr Telco delivers perfect diagnosis and exact resolution in the first visit itself. Part of our job we provide you a Service Fault Report - detailing any issues and resolution. In the fast-moving technological sphere of telecoms, you need equally adept telephone technicians to avoid being stuck with recurring troubles and enduring less-than-totally efficient phone line quality.

Mr Telco strives to deliver the fastest phone line repair service in Perth and you will be absolutely satisfied with our turnover time, quality of service and guarantee.

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