Phone Line Repair Canberra

phone line repair

Technician Procedure:

step 1 Locate faulty phone points / check wiring

step 2 I.D problematic cabling between wall socket => (NBP) network boundary point

step 3 I.D services OK at Service Provider or NBN network boundary point

step 4 Internal cabling checks inc. alarm + other devices which may cause issues.

step 5 Isolate faulty cabling and restore your service(s)

When you have a problem with your phone line in Canberra, Mr Telco’s team of exceptionally experienced phone technicians is just what you require. Our phone line repairs team is renowned for its professional brilliance within the telecommunications industry. We are equipped with the latest fault identification tools and techniques to isolate and fix your problematic phone line in a jiffy.

Mr Telco uses leading brand products that are installed to get your phone lines and telephone sockets up and running again within a punctual timeframe that you’d expect. Our installation of phone points and cabling are thoroughly tested and confirmed with our clients prior to leaving site.

Our Canberra telephone engineers can visit any of the following premises types and fix your phone line:

Dwellings One story homes

DwellingsTwo story homes

Dwellings Apartment blocks & Highrise (MDU)

Dwellings All business and commercial structure

We know the monumental value that is being lost each minute with a phone line that is down. With top-notch expertise, we bring the utmost level of telecom mastery to your home or office in Canberra. If you have faced problems in the past with unreliable and intermittent phone lines not working, you can count on Mr Telco as our squad is equipped with immense knowledge and unbounded reserves of skill which will transform your Canberra phone line from one with issues or drop outs or completely dead to one that works continuously as you’d expect.

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