Telstra Technician Won’t Fix Internal Cabling? Why….

Posted at 29/08/2017 08:29am

Yep, if you’ve faulty internal phone line wiring within your property, its not Telstra or NBN’s responsibility to fix. 

Every house, unit and townhouse has what we call a Network Boundary Point which creates a separation from the Providers responsibility and the customer’s responsibility.

When your ISP technician; whether its Telstra, NBN or some other Contractor perhaps you’ve had Visionstream attend your premise, they should provide a working service one of these following locations:
1. The Main Distribution Frame (MDF),
2. Luca Box
3. First wall socket (should you reside within a house / debatable though).

Telstra Wont Fix Phone Line

Generally, the technician will use their Test equipment to prove sync or a working dial-tone at the Network Boundary Point then advise you to call a local Telephone technician to repair your internal cabling.


Why doesn’t Telstra or NBN technician fix your internal cabling? 

Simply put, from the technicians view, why should they? You’ve most likely had your home prewired from the Builder or Electrician in the first place, so once they touch the wiring, they in a way takes responsibility for it.

You never know, the technician who initially wired your home’s internal phone lines may have not been an ACMA licensed telephone technician and performed poor, sub-standard work. 

So in short, and to cover their butts they’d rather not go near your faulty internal wiring.

Also, just to throw it out there, with the condition of the current Telstra or now NBN’s copper network out in the (distribution network) street, these technicians have a hard enough time maintaining that side of things to be worrying about your wiring.

Common reasons a Telstra/NBN Technician Wont Fix your Internal Cabling:

1. You have an alarm system installed
2. Your internal cabling could be old
3. Your internal cabling could be dangerous
4. Climbing in your roof space is dangerous
5. They will say it’s not the technicians responsibility
6. You might have a medi-alert installed
7. Your cabling & sockets might be faulty

Basically your Telstra or NBN Contractor should prove a working service up until your Property’s Network Boundary Point, then hand off any issues from there, hence telling you to organize your own local ACMA certified technician.


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