Slow NBN Download Speed

Posted at 21/06/2016 11:56pm

slow nbn

If you have been experiencing slow download speed on your nbn connection, you are bound to feel let down - as you may not know whether it’s your Internet Service Provider’s problem or some internal cabling issue within your home affecting your speeds, which generally the NBN or Providers don’t take responsibility for.

VDSL2 NBN connections utilise existing copper cabling from the NODE, all the way through to your wall sockets, which mean you might have internal cabling issues, if you are experiencing slow VDSL speeds you might want to read this article.

Not being able fully utilise the speeds offered by the NBN can be a huge drain on expectations and you’ll probably spend countless hours calling your ISP, being placed on hold and not getting any result.

NBN does provide a fixed wireless option, so if you’re connected using this technology, just keep in mind that sometimes, weather, buildings or obstructions can hinder your download and upload speeds.

But to have NBN slower than your average ADSL or ADSL2 connection is a very dampening experience and requires professional attention from an internet technician familiar with NBN connections, of course, able to detect and rectify the problem area.

General factors that impact NBN download speed

The type of file that you are downloading can induce variations in speed (heck the server you’re downloading from might be getting throttled, thus your slow speed). A full movie should take you up to 10 minutes while a song should download in a couple of seconds with sizes of about 1.0 GB and 5 MB respectively on an average NBN FTTH or FTTN connection. If relatively smaller files are taking longer, you might have an issue somewhere.

Never overlook your Wi-Fi setup, as it could be causing speeds to slow up too. With expert assistance on determining the best location for your Wi-Fi router, this problem can be sorted.

A great way to mitigate the problem being your W-Fi connection, is to actually hardwire your computer into your NBN router directly to check to see if the instability in speed or throughput is still present, then you can pinpoint whether your wifi is slowing down your connection or in-fact coming from your router/modem.

The next factor that causes slow NBN download speed is the number of devices that are utilising the connection at any given moment. If you are facing the problem of longer-than-normal download timeframes with not many devices using up the connection, you might need to engage an internet repair technician to isolate and resolve your internal wiring or wifi woes.

Turn off the NBN connection box before opening the cover of the connection box and unplugging the power cable at the back. After waiting for a minnute or so, plug the cable back again and then check the modem light status to make sure it fires back up.

Potential hardware and software issues causing NBN slow speeds

step 1 The connection from the MDF to your premises might be creating the issue if you’ve got NBN or VDSL2 and reside within an apartment block. You can ask your Body Corp or Realestate for an MDF Upgrade or install a brand new phone cabling into your unit for enhanced speed.

step 2 Your computer might need to be looked up for that naughty stuff impacting your download speeds (eg malware). You'd be surprised what it can do.

step 3The modem or devices that you are using would need to be looked into and check essential configurations are set and compatible with your ISP. (eg. PPPOE / PPPOA / IPOE)

step 4Check your wireless router, as different placement around your home or office might be causing lower speeds. Your wifi router is better placed upstairs or centrally within the room. If you're having problems with wifi distribution, you can install a wifi access point to resolve that. Don't use those wireless extenders, they suck!

step 5Software fixes require clearing up your temporary cache on your computer or even performing a DNS Flush as it can sometimes affect browsing.

Mr Telco technicians can analyse all devices and routers to find out and fix what is causing the problem.

There are other hardware issues other than the devices themselves. You might be using the wrong cables types for the connections perhaps. The wiring around your home would need to be checked for any issues . You'd be super surprised how 1 faulty fly-lead can cause mass chaos to your internet connection - they are litterally the last thing you think about. Anyway, should you need a hand phone our technicians for assistance.

NBN Speed Range

Dodo’s Ultra Fibre (Speed3) delivers download speeds between 25 Mbps and 100 Mbps while uploads are between 5 and 40 Mbps. The service does not distinguish between peak and off-peak times.

iiNet also delivers download speeds of up to 25 Mbps while MAX giving 100 Mbps. Optus too provides NBN speed tier 5 download speeds of 100 Mbps.

So in a realistic world, you should be getting decent enough speeds to for downloading, streaming, uploading, gaming and IPTV such as Netflix without dropping or cutting out - Regardless which NBN plan you choose.

However, if you want to eliminate any possibility that your internet cabling or setup might be causing and want to enjoy a super-fast internet experience, call Mr Telco to bring all components of the NBN and your devices, wiring, cabling, routing to optimum setups and performance today.